Silver Birch is Cloned!


Last chance to come to the Open Studios this weekend!

I have been busy with the event but still managed to create big mess inbetween. Am quite proud of this, it proves that no matter what the stress level, scattering debris  is a natural part of my creative process.

I have spent this morning making up a tote bag with  the fabric I had digitally printed.  I have reservations about it but as I have already sold a couple of panels  I guess it looks alright.  What do you think? It is a little reflective so the colours seem a bit muted in the photo- the birch tree stands out well, and the fabric is nice quality cotton.

I really am not good at this marketing  photography!P1060684


York Open Studios 2017

Well, this is it folks. Nearly ready – just admin-y things to do.YOS 2017 Logo bleed_CMYKLarge

Open Sat 10 -6 and Sunday 11 – 5.

Do hope you can come, it is excellent fun and usually informative – I have found some fantastic makey – do-ey people in my local area through this event, one, a jeweller, literally just round the corner!  Of course the highlight will be coming to me! No 38 (take away dish or taxi car?).

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YOS 2017 Logo bleed_CMYKLargeItisfinallynearlyhere…NotthatIamgettingexcited….ohno, all calm and immaculately organised……

I am opening 22 and 23rd and then 29 & 30th April.  (no. 38)

Please do come along for a chat or at least to point and laugh. I will be doing quick demos on demand through out – rough timings for these will be on my facebook textiles page by the end of the week and bookings available for ‘ I want to try that….’ opportunities.

My event happens in my workroom – the question is- how far from the usual chaos does it need to be? Yes it should be a workspace rather than a the perfect white gallery, but  stuff has to come out so that I fit people in, the walls

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have to cleared so that work can be displayed. And having cleared stuff out – where do I put it?

No new work this week – just a quick taster/ teaser. –  Do check out the event website, there is so much going on and some fabulous makers around – who knows who is living down your road or just round the corner?



Spring must be close!

Beautiful morning! Full of light, frost and very cold noses.p1060337

Spring must be soon – woke to golden sunlight, cheepy birds and an amorous pigeon on a neighbour’s ridge tiles. (Ms Pigeon was having none of it)


And  plans for  kids’ stuff –  Romy  has already put them on the listings!   Let me introduce Raw/reverse/layered Applique Fox, and his friends- Strip Applique and  Fair Isle Jumper Rabbit….

Just quick and fun to do without being too drastic technically. Fair Isle Rabbit  was done without any freemotion  at all, only rows of utility stitching from my machine’s very limited selection.

Not much to show other than these  – exhibition is being mounted in the next couple of days, am half expecting a phone call along the lines of ‘what is it?’ or ‘eh?’. Should pics for next week.

Fitting for Ronald the robe on Monday, trying out sizing and the alternative sleeve treatments – may have pics for next week.

Also Messy Days dyeing  ‘classes’.

And the  big landscape….


The Gentle Art of Wet Henning.

Feel like I am standing still while spinning round and round without ever finishing anything!      State of anxiety – damp, slightly warm.

There is a whole list of part done things, none of which are at an exciting stage- just slog, fiddle, and general chaos.

Cluck.   Proposals and applications for events and exhibitions to finish and send.


Some of the exhibition stuff- blocking front door and workroom!


The Big Landscape is half way done. So also half not done. So also entirely populating one corner of the workroom floor.  Cluck.


Cluck.  Ronald the Robe is on his way – pieces for the toile are drawn out. Needs to be cut out  and the toile made up, then the cutting table can be put away and I get some floor space back. Cluck.

Prepping work for exhibition. Always takes for ever. and takes over completely. Can’t get out of the front door and have to duck into the workroom.     Very big cluck.

Prepping for workshops on stitching , dodgy dyeing and creative sewing with kids. Samples and ideas all over the place.  CLUCK.




Have spoken with the gallery and I am going to take a wide range of things in,  some  may not be practical for their space  or commercial enough but they want to try.

The Hospital Words installation may only appear in part and might end up on a mannequin if they can not dangle the jacket and banners as it was at the Old Fire Station. The large hanging is over 6′ and delights in the name of The Big Beastie (supposed to be “Middlemoor, Nidderdale” but ….) and the rest are more conventional landscape pieces. These are the bigger trio, there will be some smaller bits as well!


I find the difference between the Winter pieces and the Summer piece quite mad, it wasn’t deliberate. I had wanted to make more use of vivid colour but hadn’t realised the compositions, style and even density of stitching was so different!


999Well, it has been and gone. I have never officially ‘pop upped’ before. It suited me.  I have so many more plans and intentions of how to develop these ideas, met up with such a range of different artists of all kinds, and even enjoyed getting soooooo cooooold. ( note to self – semi derelict buildings may be lacking on the heating side.)

It went up in a couple of hours – great step ladder! and long may staple guns rule! The chair was in the room and seemed quite fitting to include it – we had done an awful lot of sitting by the bedside. Over the few days more and more words were added, some were heartfelt and very touching, others more left field (including a quotation from Einstein). I felt that this the beginning of a process not the conclusion  but  the responses were very positive, I ended up sharing experiences and hugs with several.

A huge thanks to all concerned, the Phils and Skippko, the other exhibitors and everyone else who knows me……


Some recent neighbours


Hello, hello, hello.

999And this week’s colour experiment…….isn’t.

I put forward a very skimpy proposal for a textile based installation in a local venue – and they went and accepted it. So this week has been monster sewing, dying, unpicking.  Did I say they allowed 1 week’s notice? And 2 days to get it up?

Is there a cake and coffee big enough to help with this?

The idea was in response to spending a chunk of the Summer at my father’s bedside in hospital.

We were sat by a deeply unconscious man, talking to him. And he is also deaf, but we were talking to him. We were not sure if he even recognised us for a long while, he was unconscious, he was deaf, he would retain no memory of this time, but we spoke to him.

For me the words were like touch, a means of contact. Their sense was unimportant, we were making a link between us. I wanted to fold the words around him, to tuck them into his bedclothes, hide them in his pockets. There were words just to say ‘we are here with you’, words to soothe when he was in pain or agitated, words to stimulate memory or to engage in his outside life. Most were quiet, small, and everyday; we are not a family for melodrama. They became worn through repetition but this made them softer, more familiar, warmer.

He is home now, well on the way to recovery, and these words are fading away into the mass of words that pass us by each day. Yet for a time these were our  way of reaching out, our defence, our protection and our way of trying to hold together.

For the installation the idea was to write the words on strips of fabric and then to do as I had wished before, to tie them, tuck them and wrap them around his night clothes. Some are small, quiet and private, others more public, bolder, bigger and more open, so the scale and style will reflect this, some will be blank so that others can add into it. No grand idea, not even  new and shiny, but it is something I have wanted to do….


A Beginning – but a long way o go….

My ideal would be to have the words and lose the  mannequin but I haven’t worked out how to do that yet. I had toyed with the notion of borrowing a hospital bed but the logistics of moving one were fairly extreme at such short notice.


There are now 3 of the 5metre strips drying out there.

Never Mind. It will be what it can be,  I won’t know until I am in the space.

The next few days may well be far too interesting. I have frozen ready meals in stock, phone number of the local take-away, reels of thread, lengths of fabric, loads of pins, staples and a lot of fishing line……hope it is enough.

The word that always worked as our father came back to us, that always got responses and smiles was the most simple – Hello.