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Silver Birch is Cloned!


Last chance to come to the Open Studios this weekend!

I have been busy with the event but still managed to create big mess inbetween. Am quite proud of this, it proves that no matter what the stress level, scattering debris  is a natural part of my creative process.

I have spent this morning making up a tote bag with  the fabric I had digitally printed.  I have reservations about it but as I have already sold a couple of panels  I guess it looks alright.  What do you think? It is a little reflective so the colours seem a bit muted in the photo- the birch tree stands out well, and the fabric is nice quality cotton.

I really am not good at this marketing  photography!P1060684


Bags and Birds

What a couple of weeks. pajamas, waistcoat, coat interlining, smelly Christmas decorations, little purse bags and bird brooches later …….. and even managed to squeeze in a few days at work! And the Knit and Stitch show at Harrogate. ( That seems like ages ago….)

These are my new babies – little evening clutch bag decorated with a leaf and allium head in freehand stitching.   So simple  and fun to make! Just takes time and a tape measure.


This is the prototype for a workshop in new year.  Just love this method of construction…..  allows  me to stitch like a maniac without any worries, it comes out fully lined – reversible even – with completely enclosed seams.


Made lots of them now, all different designs- used lots of the fabric I bought from the Bombay Stores stand the Knit and Stitch – all shiny and lovely. Just in search of a bit of bling for the fastening.  Going to push the method now and go for piped edges, more internal divisions and more intensive  decoration. Reverse applique anybody?

And what happens next?  A mini flock of birds – again prototypes for a workshop. Imagine a whole day of playing making fab simple little bird and bee fabric brooches.


I have to be prepared  for a  range of levels, so simple line versions through to more complex stitching,  but the samples are all far too sensible  and could go a lot further –  I want disco with attitude versions ….MORE COLOUR AND GLITTER REQUIRED! So tempting to add in scraps of fabric but we agreed on very basic fabric requirements and everything in the machine work…. pah!

And still haven’t shown what is happening for the York Open Studios workshop in January……That is going to be such a great morning. Maybe next time!