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The Return of Colin.

Oh No – The studios are closing at the Stonebow House.  Bye  bye to the fabulous view, big floor space and a city centre base.  But also bye to the never ending stairs ( 5 floors up! Felt more)    My desks have gone to new homes and all the gear has made it home now.

Oh Yes-  Colin is home!  and eager to work.  Nigel seems resentful of the new competition for my attention and is developing a temperament, but this will pass.

To stop myself worrying excessively about the upcoming  Open Studios ( 3 weeks?)  I have taken on a costuming job. The idea was to have something else to worry about so the 2 worries can cancel each other out. Ummmm. Dodgy logic there!    This proving to be great fun – jobshared  role of Volunteer Costume-Making  Workshop  Supervisor ( or something similar)  for the York Mystery Plays. I know I said I needed the structure of  deadlines but this is ridiculous.   Well over a hundred garments to make, double or triple that to keep control of. We began on Tuesday in the amazingly drunk medieval building of St Williams College by the Minster. So far we have set up, sampled, labelled anything that can’t fight back and are getting into gear with the making……..  Managed to occupy about a quarter  of the first floor, aiming for over half, but this is only after 3 days! P1050462P1050463 The volunteer ladies are so keen,  (where are the gentlemen who can handle a sewing machine?) the staff very welcoming, our boss – Lorraine Ebdon_-so supportive…….arghhhhhhhhhh, no pressure then.

As for the textile art? a bit on the back burner- spent many a happy Bond film pulling threads from a row of trees on muslin. I want the muslin to all but disappear, to be ephemeral,  to allow the monochrome sketch show through, shame it is  bright white.


dropped into a temporary frame , still not right. may dye the backing fabric.