Want to Try? Workshops and Classes.

Techniques, approaches and  how to make it happen.

Workshops are in Acomb, York – you will need your own machine- nothing fancy required, just staight stitch and preferably the function to drop the feed dogs is enough to get started.

I have  Wednesday evening  set aside for teaching at home. Max class numbers are 4.  These are not formally set classes but a vague outline of key areas is below.  As numbers are low individual tuition and/or projects are possible so students can make progress at their own speed and follow their own interests.  Email me for more info or booking, or check out my website.

Stitchy Evenings Spring 2019 : 
you will need your own machine and materials.

– Wednesday 7-9pm, £12 . April 17, May 1, 15, 29.

Introduction  –   set up your machine, try out the basics,  get started on a new adventure.                    Good for complete novices at this or those who have tried and cried.

Layers –  building fabrics, papers and other things into your stitching, creating surfaces                        and textures.

Colour –  doing more than just colouring in. Laying colours on top of each other, working                      with ‘grounds’,   creating colour schemes to work with.

Making pictures –  ways of getting from a found image to a stitchable design –  quality                           cheating from creating outlines to building it.

Stitchy Days Workshops Spring 2019
10-3pm £35, includes basic materials. You will need your own machine and threads.

Wed April 24th – Drawing with your Sewing Machine- No drawing skills required! We shall cheat and develop the gentle art of scribble and sketch. Working with line and patterns to make images and textures. Good for thoses starting out or those wishing to extend and explore.

May 8th – Creative Textiles – experimenting with water soluble fabric, non woven surfaces and playing with paint on fabric.

May22nd – Creative Textiles – Ideas to Stitch. Ever had a great idea or really wanted to make an image but not known how to start? Which techniques, colours and aprroaches to use? This day will walk you through the process, encourage you to experiment and prepare, help you make decisions and work out when to panic or when to just go and put the kettle on!

June 5th – Twisting Tree. A great way to start – or move it onto experimental techniques.


I will do private workshop  bookings for groups of friends or clubs at my venue or yours,  and will travel to do demonstrations/talks. Please contact to enquire.