Want to Try? Workshops and Classes.

Freehand Machine Fine Art Textiles

Friendly, informal, fun. Come and get excited by the immediacy and creative potential. All you need is a machine, enthusiasm and a freemotion/embroidery/darning foot.

Layers of random stitch over fabric scraps

I am offering to set up ‘classes’ to suit. These can be private, public, group or individual bookings. You set the content and level. We negotiate over date and timings!

I am most often available either Wednesdays, Fridays or even Sunday, and don’t be afraid of short notice! I had years of working to bells – an unexpected event is bliss! Pick and chose what you would like, then email with your proposal and suggested dates.


What would you like to do? Check existing themes or classes on my website or decide on your own.

Public class – we set up the class to suit you but it is publicised and open for 4 students.

Per person = £20 for 2 hours: £45 for 5 hour day class eg 10 -3pm

Private class –For 2-4 students- we set up as before but you provide the students!

Per class £50 for 2 hours: £100 day class.

Outside Group Bookings – if you would like me to come to your venue (group size 1- 15) Short class/talk £80, day class £150, both plus travel expenses.

Private Tuition – need an artistic prod? Or help over a particular hurdle? £12.50 per hour or part of. If you wish me to come to you then + travel

2 hr day
Public £20 £45
Private £50 £100
Group- £80 £150
Tuition £12.50 hr
Suggested timings
2hr slots day
10 am-12 10-3pm
12- 2pm 11-4pm
3-5pm 12-5pm